Why Vote Judge Judy?


Many Illinois residents cannot afford housing, food, or medicine – let alone an attorney. Judge Judy serves as a volunteer on a Supreme Court sub-committee, helping to develop a program for people to access the appellate court with free legal assistance. Vote for Judge Judy for the Illinois Supreme Court to help expand these efforts for everyone who cannot afford a lawyer.


Our next Illinois Supreme Court Justice must uphold the law to keep our families and communities safe! Judge Judy Cates is the only Supreme Court candidate with experience as a prosecutor. As a prosecutor, Judge Judy took on the toughest cases to convict rapists, abusers, child molesters, and murderers- putting them behind bars and out of our communities.


We must never settle for less than fair and equal application under the law. Judge Judy has brought integrity and fairness to the bench, with transparency and accountability. We can trust that Judge Judy Cates will ensure that the justice system works for all southern Illinois people. Judge Judy has always believed that a fair justice system is paramount to ensuring all citizens are treated equally under the law. We need Judge Judy Cates on the Illinois Supreme Court.


We need to trust that our courts are free from special interests and party-line politics by making our system more transparent! We deserve to know what happens in our highest court. Special Interest money has influenced our courts for too long! We need an Illinois Supreme Court justice that isn’t afraid of ruling against big business and party politics to ensure fairness for the people! 


Judge Judy Cates has dedicated her entire career to fighting for victims- first as a tough prosecutor and then as a champion for victims’ rights, representing families throughout downstate Illinois. Judge Judy prosecuted and convicted rapists as a prosecutor and continued to fight on behalf of victims for over 30 years as a lawyer.


Judge Judy is dedicated to making our courts more transparent. The people deserve to know what happens in our courts to ensure that the civil justice system works for all people, and that corrupt judges are held accountable to the people.


Make an impact in southern Illinois by contributing to Judge Judy’s campaign. We want to thank you in advance for showing your support to the campaign.

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